Sage Dixon




The protection of life is a primary duty of government and it is imperative that Idaho continue to explore every avenue possible in eradicating the curse of abortion, as well as guard against efforts to allow euthanasia to take hold in our state.

I am proud to have had the endorsement of Idaho Chooses Life and to be able to point to a solid pro-life voting record during my time in office.


The less government, the better. Government has one job – to protect our God-given rights.

As your representative, my job in Boise is not to pass legislation. Rather, my job is to make sure that the government you elect is fulfilling it’s purpose.

My main consideration in everything I do is whether or not that action will expand freedom for Idaho.


When the Founding Fathers spoke of the “pursuit of happiness” they were speaking of the principle of self-determination; the ability to create and sustain something of value that would allow one the opportunity to provide for themselves and their family, and, ultimately, to prosper.

Free markets and free enterprise are imperative to a strong economy and limiting government’s role in business activities will encourage people to thrive.


The Second Amendment is the linchpin that protects all other God given Rights. It was crafted to allow for the protection of the life, liberty and property of ourselves and our neighbors, not only from foreign or domestic threats, but also from an oppressive government.

I’m proud to have been endorsed by the NRA and the 2nd Amendment Alliance in general elections (as a general policy, they do not endorse in primary elections).  As your legislator, I will continue to do all in my power to protect your right to keep and bear arms and will continue to do so!


Taxes ought to be flat and broad, touching everyone equally with the burden being borne by as large a class as possible. The effort to install a flat income tax in Idaho should continue, and the property tax on owner occupied homes should be abolished.

Excess tax revenue should be returned to the taxpayer, or used to lower tax rates.


Our unique system of government is designed to divide power in multiple ways. One of the most
important of these is our founding principle of Federalism.

American Federalism speaks to the limiting of the size and scope of federal authority and leaves the responsibility of all unenumerated powers to the states, or to the people.

Protecting Idaho from federal intrusion and overreach is an ongoing battle that should be coupled with working to eliminate dependance on the federal government.


Education is defined in Idaho by our Constitution: “The stability of a republican form of government, depending mainly on the intelligence of the people…”.

In order to uphold this standard, it is necessary that we make available all forms of education: public, private, charter, online, and homeschool. 

It is equally important that education dollars delivered by the state follow the child to wherever they are receiving their education, and that the autonomy of local elected boards are protected, as they are closest to the people they represent.


Holding government to its constitutional bounds is a key component to liberty. When government imposes itself beyond protecting our God-given rights, it begins to restrict our liberty.

Protecting the US Constitution and the Idaho Constitution is the best way to uphold our republican form of government, protect parental rights, protect personal medical choices, and ensure religious freedom. All of these are imperative to maintaining liberty in Idaho.


The American system is designed to divide power in multiple ways. One of the most important ways is through a beautiful thing called federalism.

We must protect Idaho from federal intrusion and overreach. Keeping Idaho strong means maintaining our sovereignty as a state and working to eliminate dependence on the federal government.