Sage Dixon


The following are just a sample of the local citizens & organizations that endorse Sage Dixon.

One of the most effective conservative legislators in the State House...

My husband Ron and I enthusiastically endorse Sage Dixon for re-election to the Idaho House of Representatives 1B.

We have known Rep. Dixon to be a solutions-oriented thinker and a man of integrity for the entire 8 years we have known him. Rep. Dixon has worked diligently for District 1 while serving in the Idaho House of Representatives and is the right choice.

Rep. Dixon has a proven track record of working with the constituents of District 1 to reduce regulations and pass legislation that protects the rights of parents while benefiting our state he has been one of the most effective conservative legislators in the State House.

He has been and continues to be a huge supporter of life of the unborn as he supports Life Choices Pregnancy Center year after year. In 2021, he worked with Idahope Families as he championed and passed House Bill 191 in 2021 to provide for a delegation of parental powers and a retention of parental rights in Idaho. Please join with us to re-elect Sage Dixon to the Idaho House of Representatives 1B.

Ron and Christine Denova

Honest, competent, and thoughtful representation...

I moved to Idaho from Oregon in 2012, largely due to the growing insanity of the leftists who control the state. I was thrilled to finally have honest, competent, and thoughtful representation here in my new home. Sage Dixon was not my representative then, but I supported him nonetheless because I know him as a man of morality and integrity, character traits that are sadly lacking in much of our representatives across this great nation.

But he’s more than that; Rep. Dixon also gets things done, even amid some of the most divisive times in recent memory. He spearheaded the fight to reign in the ballot initiative that’s undermining our representational form of government here in Idaho.

It’s an issue near and dear to my heart as one who was born in California where we’ve seen ballot initiatives decimate that once-great state. He champions parental rights, educational choice, our right to self-defense, and is a firm adherent to the most beautiful and consequential document ever created: our U.S. constitution.

It is because of this, as well as an endless list of other notable conservative issues he’s stood firm on, that Rep. Dixon has my unwavering support. His stellar legislative history has earned my vote on May 17th to continue the fight for his district’s constituents.

Jodi Giddings

What a citizen legislator should be...

To me, what makes Idaho such a great state is that it is guided by citizen legislators, not politicians.

Sage Dixon is the perfect example of what a citizen legislator should be – he shows up to Boise, works hard for his constituents, and then goes home to his family and business.

He doesn’t waste taxpayer dollars with political stunts and gimmicks like many do, and he isn’t a puppet for lobbyists or special interest groups.

He’s a thoughtful, intelligent, independent thinker who always works hard for his constituents, not for his own glory. I am proud to endorse Sage Dixon for re-election to the Idaho Legislature.

Ty Iverson
Bonners Ferry

Willing to listen to our concerns...

We support the reelection of Sage Dixon.

He has been working hard to represent the people of Boundary and Bonner County. He is a big supporter of our agriculture and timber industries.. He is often at community events lending his support to groups such as F4WM, 4-H, FFA, Fair and others.

Sage has been prompt in getting back to us whenever we have contacted him. He is willing to listen to our concerns.

Sage has helped with issues such as property rights, wolves, grizzly bear, taxes and others. He is well respected by the people in North Idaho as well as other representatives from around the state.

Bert and Liz Wood

Approaches leadership responsibilities with courage and integrity...

I’d like to thank Representative Sage Dixon for his continual support for the Lake Pend Oreille School District’s Early Learning Center.

We have had a dream of creating a smaller, more adaptive playground for our youngest special needs students. After hearing my story about trying to raise funds for this project Representative Dixon committed to giving us the proceeds from a walking contest he participates in annually in Boise.

He has purposefully participated and earned the money knowing it would go to this project because he believes in it. He has shared with me his childhood memories of having a special education teacher for a mother and his fond memories of helping with her volunteer work for the Special Olympics.

This project is close to his heart.

We are now ready to break ground on the project that Mr. Dixon contributed the first dollar towards over five years ago. He has raised over $5000 toward our goal of $20,000 for fencing and play equipment.

Thank you from all of us! I personally appreciate his attentiveness to our county and his calm presence. He has approached his leadership responsibilities with courage and integrity. He has remained attentive and approachable, listening and responding to the concerns of our county and beyond. Another Thank you from my family. We will be casting our vote for Sage Dixon..

Kathy McDonald

Right to Life of Idaho Endorses Sage Dixon

Right to Life of Idaho Endorses Sage Dixon for State Representative Legislative District 1-B

While serving in the Idaho Legislature, Sage Dixon has always supported prolife legislation and has had a 100% prolife voting record. Right to Life of Idaho and the preborn children in Idaho thank him

for his support for those who have no voice. We enthusiastically endorse him in his bid for the Idaho legislature District 1 Seat B. For Their Lives!

Jason Herring

Kerry Uhlenkott
Legislative Coordinator

Family Policy Alliance is pleased to endorse Rep. Sage Dixon

Family Policy Alliance is pleased to endorse Rep. Sage Dixon in his bid for re-election to the Idaho House.

“Sage Dixon is a remarkable man and an incredibly effective representative for the conservative values of North Idaho,” said John Paulton, Vice President of State Alliances for Family Policy Alliance. “I’ve been privileged to work with him in the halls of the Idaho Capitol and to see his commitment and his effectiveness firsthand. We couldn’t recommend him more highly.”

Rep. Sage Dixon is a stalwart defender of life, religious freedom and parental rights. A man of deep integrity, he goes to battle for your freedom every day. Idaho needs more like him to fight for our God-given rights.

That's why Family Policy Alliance wholeheartedly endorses Sage Dixon for State House.

Family Policy Alliance

Effective, trustworthy, and an asset to the voters...

I have known Representative Sage Dixon since I worked his first campaign in 2014. I walked nearly every precinct in Bonner and Boundary Counties to get him elected and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I have watched Sage grow from “learning the ropes” to being a legislator who has grown in knowledge and determination to faithfully represent the citizens of District 1. He has proven to be an honest, upstanding Statesman who the people of District 1 can rely on.

When they need help with laws or regulations that affect their lives and businesses he does his best to get things done or find the person who can. As a legislator, he votes his convictions and the merits of each bill, not what any one or any organization demands, and his voting record shows that.

He may not be loud but he is effective, trustworthy, and an asset to the voters of Bonner and Boundary counties.

I have recommended Sage to my friends and Bonner County neighbors since 2014 and I still recommend him today.

Robin Gray

I vote for honest, educated decision making...

As this year’s legislative session comes to an end I am so proud to support Representative Sage Dixon.

I have worked closely with Sage on many issues over the years and have found him to be upfront, honest and factual.

He does not rush into decisions blindly but instead does his homework and asks hard questions.

Keeping Representative Sage Dixon in office will keep educated well thought out decision making in office which is something we all could use a little more of!

Trinity Nicholson
Panhandle Special Needs Executive Director

Shown that he cares about all of us with words and actions...

Having known Representative Sage Dixon for many years, we can attest that he is one of the hardest working public servants we have ever known, often not taking credit for all that he has accomplished during his time serving in the Idaho House of Representatives.

To list just a few of his accomplishments, Rep. Dixon successfully worked to improve North Idaho roads, strengthen parental rights, promote our local businesses, and remove burdensome regulations. He has consistently attended town halls during the Legislative session over the last 8 years and has regularly attended community functions to support local charities and local organizations.

Rep. Dixon doesn’t just talk the talk like other politicians, he has shown that he cares about all of us with words and actions. We have seen him work with kids at the fair, split firewood for veterans and constituents; promote and donate to local causes, and personally help those in need. Because of all of these reasons and many more, we will be voting to re-elect Sage Dixon this Primary to the Idaho House of Representatives, Seat 1B on May 17th. And we ask you to do the same."

Caleb and Madeleine Davis

Honor, integrity, and a strong sense of community...

We endorse Sage Dixon , Idaho State Representative District 1B.

Sage holds his office with honor, integrity, and a strong sense of community. He stood with us on lawns during wildfire meetings for the Alpine wildfire and the other fires that nearly took homes and property in our North Idaho neighborhoods.

During the Covid lockdown he creatively found ways to communicate with the citizens and businesses in District 1 to maintain our sense of unity and provide information on how we could help our local businesses survive.

Sage lives and walks among us. Our future and prosperity are his, as well.

We cast our ballots for Sage with complete confidence that he has our backs. We gladly endorse Sage Dixon for District 1B, Idaho State Representative.

Louise and Jim Peterson

Congressman Russ Fulcher endorses Sage Dixon

Sage Dixon is a man of integrity and a proven defender of conservative principles.

He knows what makes Idaho unique and has a track record of fighting to preserve those values.

Sage is an impactful representative for his constituents with an unwavering passion to serve. I am proud to endorse Sage Dixon for Idaho State Representative in District 1B.

Congressman Russ Fulcher

A man of faith and integrity...

 We have known Sage for many years. He is a man of faith and integrity. He is a man of his word - his voting record is evident of this.

He is concerned for the business community in our district and we have a shared desire to educate children more on financial knowledge.

We appreciate what Sage does in the legislature on our behalf.

Dave and Kim Carlson

Honest, reliable, and willing to work the long hours needed...

We happily endorse Sage Dixon for re-election for the Idaho House of Representatives 1B.

Rep. Dixon is one of the hardest working representatives in Idaho, tirelessly working on behalf of his constituents. Rep. Dixon has worked effectively and diligently for all of us in District 1 for the past 8 years.

Rep. Dixon is a huge supporter of our veterans, going out of his way to assist them when they are in need, and if he does not have the answer, he finds someone who does.

Through personal experiences, our family has seen Rep. Dixon in action, he has been there for us when the ‘system’ has failed, supported our small business, and continues to support many local organizations.

He has proven that he is honest, reliable, and willing to work the long hours needed for the position. We believe that Sage Dixon has earned another term in the Idaho House of Representatives.

Please join us to vote for Sage Dixon Idaho House of Representatives 1B.”

Ryan and Sarah Jenkins

It takes a great man to be a good listener...

Why Sage Dixon is a good legislator...

Sage is honest and he always follows through with what he says, Sage also treats children like people unlike other people I know and he also has integrity.

I like how he supports public and homeschool. Sage also doesn't have a bad mouth and he is also very kind to people. Also, if it wasn't for his wife Veronica, I never would have met Russ Fulcher who delivered my letter to president Donold J. Trump.

I believe this quote fits Sage "It takes a great man to be a good listener."

Max Jeffers, 11 years old

A man of high moral character, a man of his word and a man of integrity...

I write this as a letter of endorsement for Sage Dixon. Please allow me to identify myself. I served as a police officer in both the states of California and Idaho for 31 1/2 years. I am a born-again follower of Jesus Christ and I pastor a church in Boundary County.

This letter reflects my opinion but I am writing this not as a representative of any organization or of the church that I pastor.

I have known Sage for over 8 years now and I consider him to be a friend. I believe him to be a man of high moral character, a man of his word and a man of integrity. I know Sage knows and trusts in Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior and he shows in his day to day walk that he lives his beliefs out loud.

I have seen no moral failings or addictions in the life of Sage Dixon. To the best of my knowledge, there is nothing that would prevent Sage Dixon from continuing in service for the office that he holds. I know that Sage has been the recipient of much political criticism over the course of the past year.

I have personally examined the voting record that Sage has left and also investigated the history of his opponent. Although it is not the point of this letter to criticize the other candidate in this race, I do find that there are incidents which concerned me in his past.

Additionally, I recently met with Sage Dixon and asked him directly and pointedly regarding the criticism that has been directed his way. I found his answers to be reasonable and honest. In my opinion and pursuant what the Bible says, there are no perfect people and there are no perfect candidates. (Romans 3:10, 3:23)

After much thought and prayer, it is my humble opinion that Sage Dixon is the most qualified person for the position of State Representative in Area 1 of North Idaho. Therefore, I give my wholehearted recommendation to Sage Dixon.

Robert A. Boone
Bonners Ferry, Idaho