Sage Dixon

“…Beauty in Public Service”

I read a quote from a graduate of Hillsdale College a number of years ago that has played repeatedly in my mind as I have continued in the role of representing District 1. The young man had graduated with honors, continued on to graduate from law school, and had clerked for Justice Scalia on the […]

Legislative Update 2/10/21

Floor Session: The workload has reached its peak and we are busy in all Committees, and on the House Floor.  Most of the Bills are still “clean-up” Bills, which amend existing language, but we have started to see some Bills that are making larger changes. One of those Bills was H66.  H66 was an effort […]

Legislative Update 2/3/2021

We are having more floor votes as the Bills pass through Committee, and most Committees are active with RS and Bill hearings. With the exception of HCR2, we are still not voting on any legislation that would address the role of the legislature during an emergency, or limit the scope of authority of the executive […]

“Falsehood flies, and truth comes limping after…”

Satirist Jonathan Swift wrote, “Falsehood flies, and truth comes limping after it, so that when men come to be undeceived, it is too late; the jest is over, and the tale hath had its effect.”  Sensational falsities tend to disseminate widely and rapidly, overshadowing the slower and much tamer truth. While most “fake news” stories […]

Legislative Update 1/27/21

While he second week of Session has continued to be busy with many informational meetings to go along with increased activity in our regular Committee meetings.  One of the larger topics being discussed was the budgeting process, and how many of the items on the Governor’s agenda were going to be funded.  Many of these […]

Legislative Update 1/20/21

This Session started off much more quickly than it has in past years. Usually, we would have time to organize our Committees, meet with other legislators to discuss ideas, and start to prepare legislation. This year, legislation was already drafted and in Committees the second day of Session. This was mainly due to the state’s response […]

Sage Dixon Letter to the Voters of District 1

Dear Friends, My name is Sage Dixon and I am your Republican Candidate for the Idaho State House of Representatives, Seat 1-B, in this year’s election.  I have had the honor serving as your Representative for the past six years and I am grateful to have strong support as I seek another term in office. As […]

Idaho Legislature 2020 Extraordinary Session

On Wednesday, Aug. 26, the Idaho Legislature adjourned “sine die” from the First Extraordinary Session of the 65th Legislature. While the responsibility to call the extraordinary session lay with the governor, the impetus was a legislative effort to address constituent concerns about pressing issues in our state related to the COVID-19 situation.  On June 11, […]

Boundary County Republicans Support Sage Dixon

The election is quickly approaching and we hope that all of the citizens of Idaho will do their civic duty and vote. The Boundary County Republican Central Committee would like to affirm our unanimous support of Representative (1-B) Sage Dixon. He won the primary handily in May and will now face two opponents in November, […]

Celebration of Our United States Constitution

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to participate in a celebration of our United States Constitution hosted by the Daughters of the American Revolution. Thank you Tracey Hamilton Roberts for inviting me to be a part of this event. The US Constitution is the longest standing written constitution in the world. Maligned by some, but admired […]