Sage Dixon

Dear Friends,

My name is Sage Dixon and I am your Republican Candidate for the Idaho State House of Representatives, Seat 1-B, in this year’s election.  I have had the honor serving as your Representative for the past six years and I am grateful to have strong support as I seek another term in office.

As your Legislator I will continue to strengthen the future of Idaho and her citizens.  My position is not to attempt a “quick-fix” solution, but to enact legislative changes that will benefit Idaho in the short term, and also provide stability for the future.  In addition to my stated goals of promoting strong families, a strong economy, and a strong state, I have worked specifically on issues that are important to our District such as:

-Lowering income, corporate, and property taxes, as well as removing sales tax from groceries

-Promoting and protecting our local businesses, both large and small, including breweries, aerospace companies, timber companies, agricultural producers, food producers, and the Panida Theater.

-Transportation projects and Highway funding

-Stabilizing education funding and promoting school choice

More importantly, I have consistently worked to protect individual liberties and to uphold the separation of powers between the branches of government. The challenges brought about by the COVID-19 virus, have placed incredible stress upon many in our state, and put the aforementioned issues squarely in focus. Stay-at-home orders, business closures, and the fear of forced vaccinations have resulted in the loss of economic security and personal freedom for many Idahoans. Having been a part of the effort to alleviate these conditions since the beginning of the crisis, I am the candidate best positioned to ensure the right changes are made going forward. The next Legislative Session will likely be a difficult one. From efforts to reform our emergency declaration statutes, and lower property taxes, to school choice issues, and changes in our electoral process, experienced, conservative leadership is needed.

My wife and I feel blessed to be a part of this community we each call home. We have raised our children here, donate our time here, and have worked side by side with many in both Bonner and Boundary Counties. I have proven myself to be an honest, principled, conservative who has provided a strong voice in Boise, and I would like to continue my service to District 1.

As you fill out your ballot for the November 3rd election, I would appreciate your vote. If you have any question at all about my candidacy, I encourage you to contact me. Together, we can secure a strong future for Idaho.

Lord bless,

Sage Dixon

Rep. Sage G. Dixon has sponsored legislation to:

  • Support parental rights
  • Manage our public lands
  • Protect religious freedom
  • Remove obstacles to small business
  • Prevent Human Trafficking
  • Protect our Republic

Rep. Sage G. Dixon will continue to:

  • Stand for the Constitution
  • Promote Family Values
  • Support Veterans
  • Protect 2nd Amendment Rights
  • Fight for lower taxes and less regulation
  • Support business growth
  • Listen to his constituents
  • Be open and transparent