Sage Dixon

Representative Sage Dixon

The election is quickly approaching and we hope that all of the citizens of Idaho will do their civic duty and vote. The Boundary County Republican Central Committee would like to affirm our unanimous support of Representative (1-B) Sage Dixon. He won the primary handily in May and will now face two opponents in November, one a democrat and another as a write-in candidate.

All Central Committees should work hard to support the primary winner of their party and we stand behind Representative (1-B) Dixon for good reason.

He has been a phenomenal asset to both Boundary and Bonner County by working hard for the citizens of our district, always keeping the interests of the area a top priority. He is also an honest, God-fearing man of great character who we can trust to serve us honorably.

Sage Dixon is not a politician, he is a statesman.

We encourage you to get in contact with him and learn about the issues by visiting his website at

Boundary County Republican Central Committee