Sage Dixon




Sage is raising his family in North Idaho and knows the struggles and concerns that families have.

Sage has, and will continue to work hard to promote educational opportunity, protect life, support Veterans, and preserve our God given rights.


Having been both a small business owner and an employee, Sage understands North Idaho’s economy from each side. 

Less tax, less regulation, and Idaho controlling Idaho’s natural resources will encourage business growth and bring jobs to Idaho.


Sage knows how to make Idaho strong; less government, less Federal intrusion, and more freedom.

Sage will promote legislation designed to provide opportunity for all Idaho citizens, the true strength of Idaho.



Idaho was founded on the same principles of liberty and independence that the United States were. Over time, our State has abdicated its rightful authority; from enforcing Federal mandates to allowing regulatory agencies to control our resources, we are losing our voice as a State in a Union.

My intention is to regain Idaho’s independence, protect Her citizen’s interests, and promote Her prosperity for the benefit of the present generation and generations to come.

I hope you will join me in this effort.


Standing Committees

  1. Business: 2015-present (Chairman 2019-present)
  2. Revenue and Taxation: 2019-present
  3. Transportation and Defense: 2015-present
  4. Ethics: 2017-2018 (Alternate)
  5. 2019-present (Chairman 2019-present)
  6. Education: 2015-2016
  7. Appropriations: 2017-2018


  • Education (rules): 2015-2016
  • Transportation and Defense (rules): 2015-2016 (Chairman 2016-2017)
  • Business (rules): 2015-2016 (Chairman 2016-2017)

Interim Committees

  • Public School Funding Formula 2016-2018
  • Campaign Finance Reform 2017-2018


The following are just a sample of the local citizens & organizations that endorse Sage Dixon.

One of the most effective conservative legislators in the State House...

My husband Ron and I enthusiastically endorse Sage Dixon for re-election to the Idaho House of Representatives 1B.

We have known Rep. Dixon to be a solutions-oriented thinker and a man of integrity for the entire 8 years we have known him. Rep. Dixon has worked diligently for District 1 while serving in the Idaho House of Representatives and is the right choice.

Rep. Dixon has a proven track record of working with the constituents of District 1 to reduce regulations and pass legislation that protects the rights of parents while benefiting our state he has been one of the most effective conservative legislators in the State House.

He has been and continues to be a huge supporter of life of the unborn as he supports Life Choices Pregnancy Center year after year. In 2021, he worked with Idahope Families as he championed and passed House Bill 191 in 2021 to provide for a delegation of parental powers and a retention of parental rights in Idaho. Please join with us to re-elect Sage Dixon to the Idaho House of Representatives 1B.

Ron and Christine Denova

What a citizen legislator should be...

To me, what makes Idaho such a great state is that it is guided by citizen legislators, not politicians.

Sage Dixon is the perfect example of what a citizen legislator should be – he shows up to Boise, works hard for his constituents, and then goes home to his family and business.

He doesn’t waste taxpayer dollars with political stunts and gimmicks like many do, and he isn’t a puppet for lobbyists or special interest groups.

He’s a thoughtful, intelligent, independent thinker who always works hard for his constituents, not for his own glory. I am proud to endorse Sage Dixon for re-election to the Idaho Legislature.

Ty Iverson
Bonners Ferry

I vote for honest, educated decision making...

As this year’s legislative session comes to an end I am so proud to support Representative Sage Dixon.

I have worked closely with Sage on many issues over the years and have found him to be upfront, honest and factual.

He does not rush into decisions blindly but instead does his homework and asks hard questions.

Keeping Representative Sage Dixon in office will keep educated well thought out decision making in office which is something we all could use a little more of!

Trinity Nicholson
Panhandle Special Needs Executive Director

Right to Life of Idaho Endorses Sage Dixon

Right to Life of Idaho Endorses Sage Dixon for State Representative Legislative District 1-B

While serving in the Idaho Legislature, Sage Dixon has always supported prolife legislation and has had a 100% prolife voting record. Right to Life of Idaho and the preborn children in Idaho thank him

for his support for those who have no voice. We enthusiastically endorse him in his bid for the Idaho legislature District 1 Seat B. For Their Lives!

Jason Herring

Kerry Uhlenkott
Legislative Coordinator

Congressman Russ Fulcher endorses Sage Dixon

Sage Dixon is a man of integrity and a proven defender of conservative principles.

He knows what makes Idaho unique and has a track record of fighting to preserve those values.

Sage is an impactful representative for his constituents with an unwavering passion to serve. I am proud to endorse Sage Dixon for Idaho State Representative in District 1B.

Congressman Russ Fulcher

Family Policy Alliance is pleased to endorse Rep. Sage Dixon

Family Policy Alliance is pleased to endorse Rep. Sage Dixon in his bid for re-election to the Idaho House.

“Sage Dixon is a remarkable man and an incredibly effective representative for the conservative values of North Idaho,” said John Paulton, Vice President of State Alliances for Family Policy Alliance. “I’ve been privileged to work with him in the halls of the Idaho Capitol and to see his commitment and his effectiveness firsthand. We couldn’t recommend him more highly.”

Rep. Sage Dixon is a stalwart defender of life, religious freedom and parental rights. A man of deep integrity, he goes to battle for your freedom every day. Idaho needs more like him to fight for our God-given rights.

That's why Family Policy Alliance wholeheartedly endorses Sage Dixon for State House.

Family Policy Alliance